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What's In My (Makeup) Bag?

What's In My (Makeup) Bag?

I firmly believe that every person who has ever done one of these posts, went through a deep purging of their bag + threw out their weight in gum wrappers, plastic corners of candy bars, capless pens, and movie ticket stubs.

I know what you're thinking. Why does she have two forms of ID in her bag? Because one is more expired than the other. My permit expired 6 years ago and it usually gets me into bars. After the bouncer looks at me and says something like, "you know this is expired right?" me: "ugh, i know. but i mean..my birthday doesn't right?" My passport expired 2 weeks ago and that'll get me into most places.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Clueless ($6) is a dupe for Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit in Posie K. The formulas are almost exactly the same, and they both leave your lips bright pink after the initial color has faded. I should take this out, but it's tiny enough to never get in my way. 

Bite Beauty's Lush Lip Tint in Tangelo ($24) is right above the Colourpop and it tastes. so. good. It was seemingly crafted from Trident's tropical twist gum, which always sends waves of nostalgia through me. This lip tint is perfect if you need a little bit more oomph! than your regular lip balm, and deposits just the right amount of tint to your lips. It has a glossy finish and keeps your lips hydrated enough that one application will take you right up to lunch.

This Emerald Sephora + Pantone Color of the Year is the only compact mirror I've ever owned and will pretty much stay put, because how can you upgrade a compact mirror?

Glossier Rose Balm Dot Com ($12, 20% off your first order through that link!) how many more wonderful things can we* say about Glossier's balm dot com? It's the best thing I have ever put on my lips, and now it comes in this elegant, romantic scent with the slightest tint that will only show up if your lips are paper white. 

MUFE Artist Lip Blush in 921 ($21) according to the MUFE site this shade is called Exalted Rosewood. The lip blush formulas are a creamy matte pencil that glides on and unlike most matte lip colors, don't require a lip liner! It's a soft pink with a mauve-y tinge, that's just enough to make it look 18 and over. This is by far my favorite lip color in my bag. 

BCL Browlash Water Strong Eyebrow Pencil in Grayish Brown ($17) HG. HG. HG. I have so many backups of this I can build a wall out of these to keep out the wildings. And maybe even enough to define all of their eyebrows. I know for a fact that if these ever became mainstream, no one would ever use another eyebrow product ever again. The pencil tip is not slanted like most retractable pencils, which is great for filling in sparse areas. The other end is a similar to a precision liquid liner tip that allows you to fill in the front of your brows is hair-like strokes. And it lasts forever. 

Tiger Balm. what can I say? My mom taught me apply this on bug bites, and I'm prone to bug bites. It's also so tiny that if it's not in my bag, it'll be lost forever. Also, the idea that one day I might mistaken this for lip balm in some sleepy/drunken stupor is really amusing to me in a Russian Roulette kind of way.

Altoids Smalls. There are maybe 5 Altoids left in here, but I just *adore* miniature things, so I'm eating these very sparingly. 

This L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream ($12) is a staple in my bag, only because I'm trying to get myself to use more hand creams. I wash my hands so often that they are fantastic exfoliators in the shower, but not so great when you're shaking someone's hand and you can see the fear and wonder in their eyes as to how your face can be so gentle and your hands feel like a lumberjack's. 

Other pictured knick knacks: a Fear Street saga: The First Horror (because I love to read a good scary story with one eye while I'm trying to apply a non-squiggly cat eyeliner), a movie stub for X-Men Apocalypse, Arrow lighter in Pale Peach (my aesthetic), a dramatic makeup bag that declares "I would cry but my mascara is designer", and some tiny envelopes that a friend gave to me and I know will come in handy someday. <- famous last words from some hoader.


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