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2016 Empties: Products that were good to the last drop

I love a good empty. Empties are a sign of a product well-loved. I can never get through anything that I don't feel 110% about, in beauty or in life (fake deep). Here's a few of my recent empties:

Coconut Skin Trip Moisturizer (8 oz. $8.69) - That label. How can you resist? It was giving me Aztec Clay Mask/Egyptian Magic vibes, so I had to order it. I'm a sucker for relatively affordable cult favorites. This moisturizer uses coconut oil, aloe vera, and lanolin oil to hydrate and protect your skin. It doesn't smell as coconut-y as it sounds, probably due to the lanolin. Did you know that Lanolin oil is derived from wool? 🌠 The formula is runnier than your normal body lotion, but I suspect that's why it's quick absorbing. No need to sit around in your birthday suit waiting for your moisturizer to sink in, woohoo! An 8 oz. bottle lasted me 4 months and I was slathering this on after every shower. This is the first body moisturizer I have ever finished and it's only because it would sink into my skin right away and I didn't have to think about it again. I will say that if you're afflicted with super dry skin like me, this won't be enough for the winter, but it's perfect for the warmer months.

Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb (1.68 oz, $38) - Honestly, I shouldn't be allowed to write about this anymore. This is one of those things I recommend to anyone who asks, with reckless abandon. It's just THAT good. This has to be my 4th or 5th empty and my skin hasn't grown tired of it yet. It goes right to work and leaves your skin looking glowing and dewy (read: not greasy), so it's great for daytime use and especially lovely under makeup.

Glossier Soothing Face Mist (4 oz, $18) - We had a rocky start, Glossier Face Mist. When I first got this, I left it at my desk and would only spray it when I was alone, simply because it smelled like sweaty toes. This face mist is a combo of rosewater, aloe, and glycerin, so it's got all the things you'd want on your skin. But that smell- I'll admit that maybe my smell receptors were a bit confused, rosewater tends to do that to me. Eventually, I ended up bringing this back home and using it just for the sake of finishing it. It ended up being probably, the most hydrating face mists I've ever used. I imagine little droplets of aloe and rosewater just sinking in, hydrating the cracked and rocky surface of my epidermis. I will say my second bottle of this isn't as offensive, so maybe someone else noticed the off-putting scent in the first batch, or my sense of smell finally sorted itself out this time around. If your normal face mist isn't hydrating enough, give this a shot!

BCL Browlash Ex Eyebrow Pencil + Marker in Grey Brown ($11) - Bury me with a case of these, so I look presentable as Charon ferries me across the Styx (where my greek mythology aficionados at?!) . I am not me without this eyebrow pencil. If this ever gets discontinued...I can't even talk about it. I shouldn't be allowed to write about this anymore either, so mark my words, this is the last time I will ever write about this! I have used this pencil for 4 years and I always have at least two backups on deck, because I do not play.  

What were your 2016 empties? Let me know in the comments! 

I am a La Mer Convert

I am a La Mer Convert

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